Howard Hertzog was my paternal grand-father's brother. He served in the Navy during WW II as a photographer and snapped the photos contained on this site. The images were printed on massive 11' X 14' heavy paper stock, some of which were partially hand-colorized. There are brief handwritten notes and/or names for all but a few vessals. There are 54 photos in full. Sometime when my father was in his early teens he received these photos from his uncle. They've sat largely undisturbed in a box for the past 50 years.

I am in the process of scanning all 54 images. I plan to make all of the images available, in a few different sizes, and as custom desktop "wallpaper". Many have already been posted. Check back for updates.

Also, I am in the process of researching some biographical data on my grandfather, or at least some details about his military service. My father is now writing some recollections for me to post. Keep an eye out for those as well.

- Ed